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Florida Online Traffic School offers Internet Traffic School throughout the State

JULY 1, 2000-TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA: Traffic violators in Florida can now take traffic school entirely from home via the magic of the Internet, it was announced today. Florida Online Traffic School is a Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles approved four hour course that allows users to complete traffic school from the comfort of their own home or office.

"We are very excited about offering drivers in Florida the opportunity to complete our course on the Internet. This program allows those to take traffic school who may have never been exposed without an on-line program", said Bob Proechel, President of the company.

The course works this way: Students log on to the web site from their home or office by utilizing unique passwords they have chosen. The program is broken down into seven sections covering topics ranging from alcohol and substance abuse to defensive driving techniques. Students are required to read each section and answer associated questions before advancing to a final exam. After 80% of the questions are correctly answered, a completion certificate is generated for the student from the corporate offices.

Proechel explained that security was one of the State's main concerns in approving this program. Consequently, students are required to answer an array of personal identification questions before beginning the program, in addition to verifying under penalty of perjury that they alone will be taking the course. These identification questions randomly pop up as they take the course and must be answered correctly within 120 seconds or it is presumed someone else is taking the course for them.

An added feature to the program prevents course completion in under four hours. A student's time on-line is tracked, and although they can study as long as they desire and do the program in sections (over a period of many days or weeks if they choose), they cannot finish in less than four hours......just like a traditional in-class traffic school course.

"Study at home options are spreading throughout the country in a number of fields. Traffic safety on-line requires a student to truly learn and participate in the process, instead of mindlessly sitting in a classroom. If you don't read and comprehend, you will not pass our program", said Proechel.

Florida Online Traffic School currently operates statewide and can be found at

To access the program please select a course, enter your user name and password and push the login button:


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