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When you received your ticket, you should have received an envelope from the officer or a notice from the court with details on the amount you must pay if you want to elect traffic school. If you have been sent to traffic school by the court, then you are automatically eligible and can begin immediately. Please note, not everyone is eligible for traffic school. We have listed some guidelines to determine if you are eligible.


  1. You are eligible to attend traffic school once every 12 months as an election.
  2. You may be able to attend more frequently than once every 12 months, but it must be Judge ordered.
  3. You may only attend traffic school 5 times in your lifetime.
  4. You may attend our on-line traffic school instead of an actual in-class traffic school. It counts just the same!

If you are not eligible for traffic school
and would like to fight your ticket in court with an attorney,
Please click on the box below,

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